Turf Blue HGT, it’s getting played on; ’Coast to Coast’

Turf Blue HGT, it’s getting played on; ’Coast to Coast’

Kentucky bluegrasses have been a staple of most cool season lawn seed mixtures

for decades. With the first significant improvements occurring in the mid-1970s, the industry is now about 40 years down the improvement road. During this time, we’ve seen several hundred new varieties introduced, with most passed over and forgotten.


These varieties didn’t have what was needed to survive in the market, typically not producing enough seed to be economically viable or just being ‘more of the same’ but fortunately great bluegrasses do rise above the crowd, are cherished by the end user and they’ll command a price to sustain production in the face of lower seed yields.

Barenbrug is fortunate to have several great bluegrass varieties and one awesome one. Originally coded BAR VV 0709, it was named Barvette HGT® and has since become the ‘backbone’ of our bluegrass program. Available in our


Turf Blue® HGT bluegrass blends, Barvette HGT has raised the bar on bluegrass performance in the Transition Zone,

providing superior sod production and outstanding athletic bluegrass surfaces across the USA. With the installation of an HGT Sod field at Pepperdine University’s soccer field in Malibu, California, HGT has now taken its strong level of performance ‘Coast to Coast’. Featured at Busch Stadium in St. Louis (pictured left) and Comerica Stadium in Detroit, HGT was also installed with great success in 2012-13 at Lincoln Financial in Philadelphia. Barvette HGT is a unique Kentucky bluegrass that has a long future of success and play in front of it.


At Barenbrug USA, we’re proud of HGT and prouder still that it’s a product of our unique turf research and development program. Barenbrug’s Baron was introduced some 35 years ago and is still going strong. Barvette will continue that legacy of longevity.

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